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The famous Spring break icon on Fort Lauderdale Beach gets more social on the web at ElboRoom.com

Steeped in history Fort Lauderdale's Elbo Room has a mystic of magnetic allure. This is NOT a location - this is a legend.

Originally opened in 1938, Elbo Room has been the setting of innumerable magical moments in the lives of many, both in reality, and on the silver screen. An iconic location used by many directors as a perfect setting for spring break scenes and location for 1965's award winning movie

The Famous Spring Break Icon on Fort Lauderdale Beach Gets More Social on the Web at ElboRoom.Com

"Where the boys are?".

Something this iconic needed to be shared with the world, and owner and visionary Mike Penrod did just this, making Elbo Room one of the FIRST places to open its doors to the World ONLINE with Web Cams and LIVE Chatrooms in 1998. The ElboRoom.com was featured in USA Today as the first commercial establishment in the world to broadcast live on the internet in 1998 and the cameras still run today.

The ElboRoom.com has a Fort Lauderdale Beach camera, a patio camera and a LIVE band camera for the online members to view LIVE online. The ElboRoom.com is also the brain child of Gregory Bouchet the chief technology officer that joined Mike Penrod and the Elbo Room in late 1997.

Thinking big doesn't stop there. Now Mike Penrod has taken the Elbo Room experience to the next level with an extensive online SOCIAL NETWORK, meaning that the party never has to end!

"The Elbo Room is a very unique place with customers visiting since they meet their spouses during the World war's here at this exact bar. Now they can have their grandchildren show them how to post their memories to live in history online at the ElboRoom.com to share their memories with our devout fans." says owner Michele Penrod

Be the FIRST to hear about events, and join likeminded people, to feel the inescapable feel-good vibe and help make history by joining now online for free on ElboRoom.com. Wherever you are in the world, there's always Elbo Room...


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