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1 day ago

forget the bricks, sell t-shirts saying i support the elbo . $100 each .i'd buy one. so would 1000 others. they must need help, so lets help them. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Elbo Room Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Thanks for coming out to support “The Right To Work” in America protest.

It’s unbelievable that fear from some effects us all. This tyranny we live in must stop. Elbo Room Ft. Lauderdale Beach 🏖 #elboroom
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Broward’s incompetent and inept politicians won’t do anything without communist Mayor Fidel Gimenez’s approval. Fidel continues with the longest peacetime curfew in US history and no one seems to care. They think the government needs to protect them from themselves. Yeah ok!

Get in there open it up and get working. We need to take action. This government has way too much power and they need it taken away.

The work of the communist party closing all our favorite places vote trump in and it will open up again

Hope they open

Whatever you need let me know i am all for it

Every bar I know is open ... they made it work buy selling food

Mallory Weber

VOTE the ANti-tourist politicals OUT...

Good luck . Hope you open soon. That’s wrong

Gencie will provide a demonstration of the GDC 2000 Plus and explain how it kills the current coronavirus SARS CoV-2 (Covid 19) and a host of other viruses and bacteria. Call me at 412-901-1435. I live in Ft Lauderdale and want to help get all of these establishments open ASAP! We can help!!!

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Peaceful Protest #3 for the right to work. Open up the BARs! Please share and support everyone. ... See MoreSee Less

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Need to protest in front of the decision makers house.

Open it, open them all. Places are hurting.

Greatest Bar On Earth


James Kasey. So fucked.

I’m here in Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, I’m sure most of you have heard the false reporting of Covid numbers keeping the bars closed.. and the Dem leaders have been lying, while bar owners, and employees suffer. All the best with your protest..

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1 week ago

Elbo Room Ft. Lauderdale Beach

#righttowork #openbars #elboroom ... See MoreSee Less

#righttowork #openbars #elboroom

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Democrats trying to ruin our economy... Let the bars open, it's your prerogative to go or stay home!!! TRUMP 2020... PUT THEM BACK TO WORK!

We started the fight two week ago we're glad you guys stepped up. We need reopen our bars.

Yes open our bars...

Are we burning anything down? Is this the Police’s fault somehow?

I would have been there to support you but it’s a Jewish holiday today

They are giving the Elbo room time to do much needed remodeling and upkeep. I can't wait to see how it looks now, especially those nasty bathrooms. We shall see....

then you open with patrons 6 ft apart and at 50 percent....all workers wear masks....or stay closed...

Best of luck to you!! I’ve had the best times in the Elbo Room!

B a r support your local Bars

Bars are open in the rest of the state, but closed here, why because we let liberals run south Florida!!

Broward numbers via the same site the officials use. WTh have they not removed restrictions? SO FLA is a service oriented industry that has been mutilated by over zealous ass covering uber politically correct politicians. They totally screwed up the infrastructure sewage ordeal and know they will never get re-elected so there aholes are tight....

Open the Elbow Room!!

What Covid precautions will you take if you’re allowed to reopen?

Hope they used some time , soap and water and cleaned the place .

Wish I was there to support you 😘

First time in ft Lauderdale in 10+ years that the elbo room isn’t open 😕

What time

Wish I was there!

Drinks outside


Evan Aversa

If people are so concerned about measures to protect themselves...then stay the F home. Bars, as well as every other business need to be open already! These people need work and these businesses need to get back to their livelihoods. I support you Elbo Room wholeheartedly!! Unfortunately, we can't make this momentous event!! Sending BEST WISHES!! Can't wait to see our Brick soon!! ❤❤❤

Wear masks this time. Some of us who are not science deniers would like to support you. Show you care and are not covidiots.

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1 week ago

I bought a brick, hope it helps ... See MoreSee Less

No Bars Open Next Week!
Phase 2 Covid Update: Even though the Governor approved Florida to move to Phase 2 the Broward County Mayor has not approved the opening of bars or nightclubs. They say next week they will revisit this and let’s hope they do.
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Hang in there. Scotland is re introducing some restrictions but hopefully its all for the greater good

That’s BS. We have you’re back. Let us know when and where and we will go the the mayors office and demand a reopen. This is way past Ridiculous!!

Heard Florida Bars Open Monday September 14, 2020. 🥳 Just in time for my vacation. 🏖 lol

I hope so. This is criminal what the local politicians are doing.

Welcome to blue Broward ! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Good grief....

This is so stupid Open the bars and then let people decide if they want to go ior not enough is enough

Sell some fries and open up! Lots of Miami Beach bars set up tables outdoor and added some finger foods and viola they are open and busy!

I can't wait to see the updated bathrooms ! 😏

I hope y'all are open when we come in october or we will be sad. This place is tradition

PBCO also said no to bars

Bull shit 💩



Kyle Jerome Nick Harrell


Is there an open date yet?

Broward County “Mayor” Dale Holness, aka, County Commissioner Holness, aka real estate broker Holness is the perfect example of why electing a person with NO practical management experience, can devastate an icon business like the Elbow Room, and harm their employees.

Need to vote the Broward county mayor out of office & the Broward city mayors too!!!

This is ridiculous! We all need to go back to life as normal!!!

Just another “brick” in the wall 🤪

This was at one of the breweries in Austin. New rules for covid-19.... At least 51% of your sales have to come from food.

I have been watching the webcam and I saw a few people in the bar the other day. I was so excited that I booked a trip for the first weekend in October. Then I realize that the bar is still closed and must have been employee in there. We vacation in Fort Lauderdale because of the Elbo room. We are crossing our fingers it will be open by the beginning of October. I own restaurants outside of Philadelphia and have been struggling with our COVID rules that change all the time. We have a horrible Governor and he is playing politics with our livelihoods! Hang in there Elbo room and remember on Election Day how these people fucked us !

I can’t think of a more incompetent and inept bunch of morons than Broward County politicians. Think of the most worthless and useless employee in the entire world and they are a notch below that.

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2 weeks ago

So???? Monday???? Is Broward gonna sign off? ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Any word on when you are opening? ... See MoreSee Less

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