1997 EboRoom Webcams Monitors

1996 Elbo Room the First Live Streaming Cam in the World!

1997 EboRoom Webcams Monitors

1997 Ebo Room Webcams Monitors

Back in late 1995 I heard about the internet from a college friend Ivan Parron during a conference he was giving. Later I thought, “What a great way to market the Elbo Room worldwide”.

Next, I found a team that knew what the hell the internet was and I hired them to install a beach camera and build a website. By March 1996 we were live and The Elbo Room became the World’s First Live Steaming Internet Camera in a commercial establishment in the World.

It worked so well and brought so much attention I figured I should know how this works and 2 months later bought my first computer!

Special Thanks to Gregory Bouchet who installed it then and still works with me today 20 years later on the newest startup, www.LegalClick.com!

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