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attention: Chanel ??? The DJ's Wife... AKA: DJsEccentricWife

While we were playing backgammon on fibs, I went to wash the BBQ Sauce off my hands... I picked the phone up too quickly, and unfortunately my hands were still wet enough to send my Droid into a tailspin...

I enjoyed chatting with you (even though you were beating me 2 out of 3 games - which have yet to be completed)... and I felt awful that I said brb and ended up having to take the battery out of the phone because it was going crazy!!! And I could not get it to act right for such a long time, that I actually googled the bar you said you were at (WITH 3 WEBCAMS, by the way!) but no phone number that gets answered!

I only remember your first name: Chanel - and that your husband is the DJ at this club... so I am hoping if ANYONE actually reads this stuff, they may pass on my apologies to you.

We were starting to talk about kids, etc., and I would hate it if you thought I blew you off!

We mentioned facebook, which is my next stop.

Cathy B (backgammon)

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Comment by Dj XCENTRiC's Wife on August 2, 2010 at 6:38pm
Hey Cathy !!! it's cool... NO worries.... so funny you came on here to find me.. My husband actually found your post.. lol hit me up on Facebook !!! and yes we do need to finish our backgammon match

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