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I worked at the Elbo Room and Crazy Gregg's back in the mid 60's...

I also opened a small "Elbo Room" bar in the basement of a restaurant I owned in the small town of Kenbridge, Virginia in the late 70's... my family and myself operated this bar and restaurant for approx. 10 years. with live bands and good clean fun for the surrounding area.

Also spent a lot of time at the Sugar Shack and Porky's... also worked in the Yankee Clipper, the Pickle Barrel and a good restaurant up at Pompano Beach... called "Leonardo's"... owned by Lenny Lewis who owned a GoGo joint down south of Lauderdale...

Rode out several hurricanes in local bars .... unheard of now days... it was a different time back then...

Lived on a boat that was docked in the inland waterway for one whole summer... can I mention... with 3 telephone operators... believe it or not... I did behave myself... most of the time...

It was a hoot!!! I still remember those days in the ER... summer breaks was a lot different back then... not sure if I could handle it now... but it was a lot more laid back in those days... oh, well,,, it is what it is....

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