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What you need to know about the 2012 Olympics in London

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The 2012 summer
Olympicsthat is being held in the east end of London is the thirtieth Olympiad since they were resurrected in Athens in 1896. They are being held between the 27th of July to the 12th of August with events being held at locations across the city. Thanks to reading this guide Olympics 2012 will become that bit easier for you to explore with not only the games themselves but also with regards to what else there is to do around the city.

What are the dates and key times of the Olympics games?

As was mentioned earlier the Olympics run from the 27th of July to the 12th of August. You should also be aware that the Paralympics also take place in London between the 29th of August and ends on the 9th of September. Events will often have various sessions with breaks in between so you may have athletics in the morning and evening as an example with it giving you the afternoon free to explore other things. Sessions for the Olympics  usually begin just after 9am and the evening session will tend to end around 10pm so you can use public transport to get back to your hotel.

When are the various events taking place at the Olympics?

The football tournament actually begins on the 25th of July however Olympics games are being held in stadiums across the UK and the first event within London itself is the Archery which takes place at the Lords Cricket Ground on the 27th. The following day sees events such as rowing, cycling, swimming and basically most other things excluding track and field. If you are looking at the athletics then you need to wait until the 3rd of August with the blue riband event of the mens 100m final on the evening of the 5th.

What about the opening ceremony at the Olympics?

The opening
London Olympicsceremony itself is being held in the brand new Olympics Stadium on the night of the 27th July between 19:30pm and 22:30pm GMT. The Oscar winning director Danny Boyle, the man behind Slum dog Millionaire, is organizing the actual display and as with every opening ceremony you can expect it to be promoting not just the Olympics Games but also the United Kingdom in general. If you wanted to attend then unless you have a ticket already you will be out of luck however, you can of course watch it in a bar nearby to try and at least sample some of the atmosphere.

How do I get to see some of the action at the Olympics?

If you want to check out some of the events at the Olympics in person then you need tickets however they can be difficult to get hold of depending upon where you are coming from. There will be very few tickets for the Olympics available on the days, unless you are looking at some of the less popular events or perhaps hoping to get in at Wimbledon for the tennis. However, you can still see things such as the marathon at various tourist points or the road cycling on their route so it is possible to catch some of it without it actually costing you anything but get there early to end up getting the best spots.

I have heard security is tight at the Olympics, is this the case?

Security at the Olympics is going to be the tightest that it has ever been for an Olympics games and in the build up to it there has been a series of test runs involving the various emergency services. Security is provided not only by the police but also the armed forces but you will feel safe there. Trial runs of the searching of the spectators have taken place at large scale football matches already so entering the Olympics stadium will be perfectly safe. Do be prepared to have various things taken off you such as unknown liquids or sharp instruments.

Where can I stay during the Olympics games?

London has a wide range of hotels and guest houses to stay in and they do tend to cover every possible budget. You can easily spend a fortune on an individual room however it is advisable to look out with the middle of the city if you are on a budget. Look at which hotels are close to tube stops for the Olympics or on the main bus routes for the Olympics so you can easily move around. Do be advised that you should look at booking a room as early as possible as clearly there will be a real influx of visitors to the city so do not be surprised if you need to look even further afield and basically commute in.

Will the Olympics cost me more than it normally would?

It is true that prices in the city will increase whilst the Olympics are taking place. There are worrying reports of some hotel rooms increasing their prices by just over 300% and you can expect most of them to have at least doubled their prices which is why looking further afield may be an idea. Flights to London have also increased so consider flying elsewhere and then book the train as this can work out cheaper. General costs in and around London are expected to result in eating out going up slightly so look at going more off the beaten track if on a budget.

The weather worries me, what should I wear at the Olympics?

The weather in the United Kingdom can be unpredictable to say the least however the timing of the games does come at a point in the year where London generally has its best weather. In July and August you are looking at average temperatures of 24C during the day and around 14C at night and one fact you may not be aware of is that it actually gets less rain than Rome. It does mean you can wear light clothes and expect to see some sunshine whilst you are there.

When I am not checking out the Olympics games what else is there?

London has a whole host of things to see and do and one of the best ways to get an idea of what is out there is by going on one of the tour buses. This will show you things such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye and gives you a number of things to explore later. Clearly the main thing is going to be history but if you want something to do at night then pay a trip to the West End, which is the heart of theatre land. If you have children then London Zoo is a must as is LEGOLAND in nearby Windsor is worth a trip and when in London you need to experience shopping at Harrods, which just epitomizes quality.

So with the information in this guide Olympics 2012 should indeed be easier for you to explore. It is fair to say that you need to plan ahead as the city will be busy and by doing so you should hopefully avoid some of the queues that will undoubtedly build up during the time of the 2012 Olympics in London. By taking some of the advice provided here you may also know how you can manage to take in some of the atmosphere in the city whilst avoiding spending the top prices you may initially come across online.

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