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My summer of '69 working as a folk singer at Crazy Greg's...

..was indeed a memorable one. Connie Francis singing "Where the Boys Are" on the radio just now brought it all back once again. For I was there during spring break 1960, and working just above the famous Elbo Room nearly a decade later was quite a nostalgia trip. Now 3 decades on I can make it recursive, watching the action on a web cam or walking the pathways of my yesteryear on Google street view from here in California. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be; it's better! 

Last time I was there in beefspace was 1998, and was dismayed to see all the buildings that held so much history for me were gone. Wish I had taken the time to look up Crazy Greg that day. So many fond memories of him and others I knew from that last summer of the sixties. If Tommy, Ted, or any of the others who were around that summer read this I hope they will make a comment here or send me an email. Ah to go back for just a few hours...JB

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