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With our Olympics iPhone App

1. Have a glimpse of the best London hotels and budget accommodations

You will find thousands of options when it comes to hotels and budget accommodations as you go about your online search. However, you can save so much of your time when you choose from a few of the outstanding hotels in London. The Olympics iPhone app gives you an idea about the top 10 hotels, as reviewed by fellow travelers. Aside from the basic details about the hotels, you can read actual customer reviews and ratings to help you decide where to stay.

GeoTravellers Olympics iPhone App

2. Choose from a wide range of restaurants and food shops


It is important that you have an idea about the restaurants located near the hotel of your choice. The Olympics iPhone App covers all pertinent details such as various cuisines, restaurant locations, menus and even the estimated cost per meal. These pieces of information can help you prepare your meal budget, as well as an organized plan on where to eat each day. The app provides you with relevant information whether you plan to splurge or save.

Olympics iPhone App

3. Be updated with the latest news about the 2012 Olympics

You can find the latest articles and videos as your browse through the Olympics iPhone App. Learn about relevant news and the preparation process for the Olympics from authority sources. Even when you are on the road, you can check out interesting snippets and videos. This fabulous app will keep you updated and informed.

With there Olympics iPhone App

4. Know how to get around the different locations

It is never fun to find yourself lost in a foreign place, which is why you need a handy guide that will help you keep track of your destinations. You can use the iPhone Olympics travel App to know how to get around the different locations in the city. There are quick links to directions and maps, so you will find your way easily and efficiently. Forget about that giant road map, and take it mobile with this clever app.

With there Olympics iPhone App

5. Learn about various attraction details

Are you up for shopping, or maybe a tour around London? Check out the top places of attraction that you can explore, and know the exact address of these popular sites. You can read about the best shops where you can buy souvenirs, or visit famous landmarks of this modern city. The app features fast facts, directions, and tips on how you can maximize your trip.

With there Olympics iPhone App

6. Plan your trip conveniently

Typically, the preparation part of your trip may take a huge chunk of your time. If you do not have much time to spend on planning your itinerary, then you definitely need an app that can handle that daunting task. The Olympics iPhone App can help you organize your schedules and reservations with so much ease. You can have an access to important details about various locations, which include contact details, addresses, and directions to these places. This practical app will keep you on the right track no matter where you are.


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