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Spring Break at the Elbo Room on the LIVE webcam

Here is a Great Story that was sent in about the Elbo Room and Spring Break.

LIVE Webcam on the Florida Beaches at Elbo Room in Fort Lauderdale bring Spring break to my computer allowing me to reminisce of times past.

I miss the good old days of Spring Break on the Florida beaches and being back home in Fort Lauderdale watching the waves roll on the beach, listening to LIVE bands play daily at Elbo Room.

My college buddies and me would sit for hours talking to the tourists, all the local diehards and any pretty girls that came by to socialize. Then we would start the shooters with a beer or shots of jaeger and move on to the stupid college stories while we let loose and try and know the girls that showed up a little better.

It was a time of carefree fun, friendship and personal social experiences that I sure miss on these days of bad weather up north. While snowed in wishing they would close the roads so I didn’t have to dig out my car for work.

But a last I found something to help me pass the time while teleporting me to spring break and it is called the Internet WEBCAM.

The world is covered with webcams like Earth cam, Webcam network, webcam central, LIVE webcam, webcam on empire stats building, Cape Canaveral, the beaches of the world and yes the Elbo Cam at the Elbo Room of Fort Lauderdale Florida.

The Elbo Room webcam is the only webcam I need to see spring break happening live on the Florida beach in Fort Lauderdale with webcams on live bands on the band cam, the rooftop beach cam with a live stream of the Fort Lauderdale Beach, the patio webcam to see the spring breakers pass by on the beach or the multiple bar webcams to see everyone have fun at the Elbo Room.

All of these webcams at the Elbo Room really make you feel like you are there having a drink at the bar again, talking to the pretty girls and listening to the band with your friends from your college days. I guess it is what I need to pass the time even though I look outside and see the reality of snow, cold, windy and ice.

Wow, I cannot wait for my next trip to spring break in Florida where I can act like a college kid again at the Elbo Room on Fort Lauderdale beach. But for now at least I have the webcam.

Johnny Snowbird
Fort Lauderdale 1984

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