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New Travel Website and Social Network for Travel

Share Fun Trips.com is announcing a new travel website that includes a social network, travel blog, photo and video sharing all built into one online platform and it free to the consumer to use.

"We wanted to release our new travel website www.ShareFunTrips.com just in time for the summer so all of our customers can share their fun summer vacations and family trips this year." says Mike Penrod co-founder of ShareFunTrips.com

ShareFunTrips.com is a new website that is free, mobile and very user friendly allowing you to log in with your existing social network accounts, such as facebook, Google and Yahoo to use the services.

Share Fun Trips.com also allows other companies in the travel industry to promote their business or service, such as, travel advice, travel agencies, cheap hotels, beach resorts, airline tickets, hotels, vacations or tours on the platform for free for a limited time.

About Share Fun Trips.com

Sharefuntrips.com was founded in 2009 by Mike Penrod and his wife Jeniya Penrod as a free service for people around the world that share their interest in traveling the world and sharing their experiences. For more information please visit www.ShareFunTrips.com

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