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We were rated #1 Place for the End of the World Party back in October 23rd!

i Nostradamus Predicts the Best End of the World parties around the world!

As the world gets ready for the best and maybe last party of a lifetime, i Nostradamus asks why not the the most exotic places on earth?

Imagine if it is the last party of your life? Where would you go? What do you have to loose? Why not have the biggest blow-out in your life or best of your life?

If you are like most of us you think it is a long shot for the world to end on December 21, 2o12.

But what if it is? Where would you like to go spend the end of the days?


i Nostradamus "END of the World PARTY" Bucket list top 5!

Firs of all you have to ask yourself.... What if? Why Not?.... Lets ROCK!

Here is the i Nostradamus "End of the World Party Bucket list" suggestions for the December 20th celebration (please suggest your ideas).

Lets start by Time Zone around the world for the most exotic locations worldwide to have the BEST End of the World Party.
  1. The World Famous Elbo Room on Fort Lauderdale Beach!
  2. Saint Barths
  3. Miami's South Beach
  4. Koh Samui Thailand
  5. Cabo San Lucas

It could be true! Please comment your ideas below and read some amazing prophecies that have also come true!

The Fascinating Prophecies of Nostradamus

written by: karadag

Nostradamus was a famous prophet from the sixteenth century. His prophecies are still inspiring a large number of people. Although many of his prophecies are written using riddles and metaphors, there is a way to interpret and solve the meaning of many of his prophecies.

Nostradamus is well known for his book The Prophecies. It was published in 1555. After the publication of this book, Nostradamus has attracted a lot of attention and there have been many different interpretations and translations of his work. He has became a part of a popular culture and the most famous prophet of all times. Many of his prophecies were related to disasters such as wars, earthquakes, floods and asteroid falls. Some of his prophecies imply on large catastrophes in the future.

Nostradamus predicted many events with amazing accuracy. Some of the events he predicted are French Revolution, World Wars 1 and 2 among many others. He also gave a description of some modern inventions such as submarines and airplanes. He predicted these events and inventions 400 years before they actually happened.

After Nostradamus gained some reputation as a prophet, he retired to his house in Salon in the south of France. He composed a book called Centuries. This book contained 1000 prophecies. There was one prophecy for each year of the 1000 years of peace. These 1000 years were related to peace prophecies in the Holy Scriptures. He named the chapters centuries and each century contained 100 four line prophetic poems that are called Quatrains. Legend says that Nostradamus cut the quatrains and threw them into air. Then he put all of the quatrains in a random order. This made it impossible for people in the future to decipher the centuries. It also made it impossible to know the exact date and time of an event in future.

There is no single entry in his books about the exact time when the events are supposed to happen. The only year he ever mentioned in his prophecies was the year 1999. Here is one of the possible translations of the famous 1999 prophecy:

In the year 1999 and seven months,
From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols.
Before and after war rules happily.

Except the solar eclipse that happened on that year, there were no other events that could be related to that prophecy. This prophecy can be interpreted in many ways and many people on that time thought it was a prophecy of the end of the world. Although there are no significant clues in this prophecy about the end of the world. The year 1999 was a year of much turbulence and turmoils. Many people thought that there will be many bad things happening on the end of an old millennial and a beginning of a new millennial. The great king of terror was related to Antichrist and beginning of age of terror. Some people relate this year to a birth of Antichrist and other people relate it to his raise to power. There are no information about where or when the Antichrist will start his path to destruction and end of the days. Antichrist is supposed to start a reign of terror and war. Some people say there were 2 Antichrists in the past. The first Antichrist was related to Napoleon and the second Antichrist was related to Hitler. The third Antichrist will influence many bad events in the future.

Many of the prophecies of Nostradamus are also related to the year 2012 and end of the world prophecies. The natural catastrophes in his prophecies can be related to global warming and ozone layer destruction. Climate change can trigger a series of events that can change the Earth. There are some clues about the Third World War and future conflicts. Many people interpret his prophecies in the light of present events. It is true that there are many conflicts and problems in modern days. But we cannot be sure if those events will lead to a World War. Nostradamus predicted events about new diseases. There were mentions about pig flu and chicken flu in his prophecies.

Nostradamus became an important part of popular culture and there were many movies and novels inspired by his life and his prophecies. Many of his books became bestsellers in modern time. People like to read his prophecies and find out more about the future. Beside original books from Nostradamus, there are also many books about interpretations of his prophecies . Many people tried to solve the riddle of his prophecies. It was a hard job to grasp the meaning of his centuries and quatrains. Many of his quatrains have clues about the future, but it is to difficult to find the true meaning. Although many of his predictions include bad events and catastrophes, there are also clues about the beginning of a new age and salvation of mankind. Nostradamus predicted the series of events that can lead to harmonious and perfect future society. He was a true Christian and he predicted the second coming of Christ. He also predicted the final fall and defeat of the third Antichrist. The final battle of Good and Evil ends with a victory of Good.

While the 2012 year is coming, many people use prophecies of Nostradamus to cause panic and fear in people. There have been many predictions about the end of the world in past years. None of those predictions came true. This world is becoming a dangerous place, but you should not be afraid. Nobody really knows what time will the predictions come true. You should think about the bright predictions of Nostradamus and not only the bad ones. If you really want to study the prophecies of Nostradamus, you should read some of his books. His books are interesting and exciting. You can try to solve his riddles and find the true meaning of his prophecies. We should learn from his prophecies and we should not be afraid of his prophecies. Nostradamus will continue to amaze us with his fascinating predictions about our future.

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